Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Welcome to my blog. First attempt, so if it turns out to be more of a rant than a blog I pre-emptively apologise.

What happened to accountability amongst our public servants? Or am I kidding myself there was ever any in the first place?

I'm reading the newspaper the other day, and several stories stand out.

Apparently a builders merchant, accused of killing some greyhounds is to be sent to prison for an insanely long time and/or fined a huge amount of money, charged under the Pollution prevention control regulations for burying the greyhounds without a permit. I, of course, in no way condone his actions, yet Tony Blair and George Bush can inflict who knows how many dead in Iraq on a misguided premise (a lie to you and me) and I just wondered if they had a permit to bury them? If not perhaps we'll be seeing Mr Blair in court soon? Somehow I don't think so. Apparently he's not to be held accountable as presumably he has a note from his mother explaining that it was the other little boy's fault.


Another story that caught my eye was the fact that, despite aggresively pursuing smoking bans across Europe, after only 43 days, the European Parliament has reversed it's ban on smoking in their buidings, claiming the ban was "unenforcable". As the smoking ban in England comes into force I see that local councils are already gearing up with smoking police ready and willing to enforce the ban. Just what we need; more "public servants". Somehow I think that it will be "enforcable". Try lighting a cigarette in your local pub and see what happens. Do as I say not as I do?


The environment minister, Barry Gardiner claimed a mileage allowance of nearly 11,000 miles, despite the fact that he is provided with a chuaffeur driven car for official business during the week, at the same time claiming to be trying to make "a minimal carbon imprint on the planet". I have some advice for said minister. BUY A BICYCLE. Of course in the interests of non accountability he is unlikely to have to face any consequences, other than parhaps a bad case of piles, from sitting in a car seat for too long. I'd also be interested to know how many miles he travelled in his chauffeured car. Assuming a similar mileage he would have travelled nearly 40,000 miles. Minimal carbon imprint? How stupid do they think we are?


Pretty bloody stupid as it turns out. Let's face it, driving a car that many miles has got to be at least as harmfull to those around you as smoking, but I don't see anybody banning cars. Wonder why that is? Could it be because the Automotive/petrochemical industries actually run the world and not the "elected" governments? Maybe.

Yes, definitely more of a rant than a blog. Perhaps I should call it a brant instead (WEBrant.... copyright). Anybody caught using this new term without permission, will of course be sued immediately, to the full extent of the law and or 'till I run out of money.

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