Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Public Slavery Apologies

Peter Hain, British Cabinet Minister, has publicly apologised to black people for slavery.


Presumably it's some lame effort to reduce the level of violence amongst young black men in the inner cities?

Slavery was first recorded in human history in 6800 B.C, is mentioned in the bible, and as far as I can see, still practiced all over the world. Just because Nike calls it "utilizing local labour practices" doesn't make it any different. A 12 year old working 15 hours a day for a bowl of rice is still slavery, but I don't see Mr. Hain calling for a ban on Nike products. Why is that?

But don't worry...... we'll be along in a couple of hundred years to "apologise".

Africa, to this day is a tribal culture with tribal politics and tribal practices, one of which is enslaving the weaker tribes around them, or failing that killing them off. Barely ten years has passed since the Hutu tribe attempted to wipe out the Tutsi tribe. The African slave trade has been going on for thousands of years. When the first British trading ships started carrying slaves, they didn't run off into the the bush dragging people out of their mud huts; they purchased them from the most dominant tribe in the area who had already enslaved them.

If we are deciding to publicly apologise for all our misdeeds of the past, the least we could do is change the way we behave today, perhaps the apologies might the ring true. In the meanwhile I have compiled a short list for Mr Hain to apologise to, some of which are now overdue.

IRAQ. 2007. We invade them, kill an "unknown" amount of people in the name of freedom, based on faulty intelligence. Sorry about that. Apology due 2203.

IRELAND. Apology due 2118.


INDIAN INSURGENTS. Apology due 2057.

THE BOER WAR. Lest we forget that amazing British invention, the concentration camp. Apology due 2099.

THE AMERICAN INDIANS. Apology overdue.


What's the use of an apology if you keep on behaving the same way?

No doubt some upstanding member of the black community will come forward and say: "Thanks. We feel really validated now. Our young men will stop shooting and knifing each other."

I don't think so. Tribe = Drug gang.

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