Friday, 16 November 2007

The Best Gazpacho Soup Recipe

This is a wonderful summer recipe and is extremely refreshing. It is really important to use fresh vegetables. And by fresh, I mean fresh, grown in season locally. Don’t try and make this in November in New York. The rubbish that the grocery store is selling out of season has been flown half way round the world and will taste of nothing.

This is one of my issues with grocery store chains. It is just not possible to get good tasting vegetables that far out of season. They can get them to look good, I will give them that, but when you smell them or taste them, you know they’re garbage, just imported to tempt you into buying and throwing away. I think the grocery store chains make more money out of getting you to throw food away than the food you actually eat. So, only in-season, summer vegetables and you will have one of the tastiest soups ever. Another simple recipe that just takes a little time. Read the rest.

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Karin said...

I ordered a gazpacho soup at a restaurant in Spain once. In Sweden, we eat all our soups steaming hot, you know. Really refreshing and cooling in Spain. We seldom need to be cooled down in Sweden. Today it´s -20C.