Sunday, 6 April 2008

Best iPhone Accesories

With the staggeringly massive amount of accessories available for the iPhone, how on earth do you decide what to buy.

Unfortunately, there is a massive amount of rubbish available and it is really easy to make the wrong choice. For an independent opinion, try these web pages:

iPhone Cases

iPhone Earphones
iPhone Bluetooth headsets
iPhone Speaker Systems
Apple Mac book Air review

invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 3G

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Property News around the World

Burj-park-BurjDubai_2008_04_03.jpgDespite the recent crash/subprime crisis, property continues to be a subject that everyone is interested in. This is a quick roundup of some happenings in the World wide property markets, and online property sites.

The Luxury Property Blog finds luxury real estate agents attempting to use new marketing techniques to sell properties valued in excess of $10 million. Although, using pretty girls to sell things is not exactly a new idea. Video here.

They also have some interesting news of another new development in Dubai, the Burj Park Dubai, a waterfront luxury condominium development.

International Property investment also has more news of happenings in Dubai. The Blue city development, now under new ownership after some legal wranglings will continue. Blue city Dubai.

But rumblings of a real estate slowdown in Chennai, India, may end up slowing the Indian property markets.

The International Herald Tribune real estate blog, "Raising The Roof," has a look at the disastrous state of teh Spanish real estate market.

And mentions that even Spanish developers are beginning to look for opportunities outside of Spain.