Friday, 23 May 2008 Breaks New Ground in Online Real Estate Marketing

It can be hard to find objective information about real estate amongst the welter of self-serving advertorial being dished up by real estate companies. One company has taken the innovative approach of employing a professional real estate blogger to provide a breath of fresh air to its corporate web site: The Luxury Property Blog.

(PRWEB) May 22, 2008 -- Responding to the market trends of growing internet usage and a decline in the consumption of traditional media, Luxury have taken the unprecedented step of hiring an independent professional blogger to drive their new media marketing strategy, the Luxury Property Blog - Mark Knowles

Corporate blogs have historically been dull and self-promotional, perhaps because producing content has been left to traditional marketing departments. Effective blogs, which attract thousands of readers daily, require a completely different skill set from traditional marketing, but attract a demographic which is very difficult to reach through mainstream media.

Building, maintaining, and promoting a corporate blog is part of our strategy to usher in an era of advanced online marketing for the luxury real estate industry.
Internet usage continues to increase and now rivals TV in the media consumption stakes. According to a study by The European Interactive Advertising Association, " 57% of Europeans now regularly access the internet each week. That equates to 169 million people now frequently online across the ten European markets surveyed in the study." The internet is rapidly becoming a hub for all media with internet users increasingly consuming media such as magazines, newspapers, radio and TV digitally. states: "The majority (62%) of consumers are viewing video online."

This applies to the wealthy consumer also, and, according to the Luxury Institute, "wealthy-consumer participation in online social networks is on the rise. Whilst Unity Marketing, a luxury market research firm, states that the internet is playing an increasingly larger role in influencing luxury consumers.

Michael D Murphy, CEO of Luxury said, "Building, maintaining, and promoting a corporate blog is part of our strategy to usher in an era of advanced online marketing for the luxury real estate industry."

According to, 77% of home buyers begin their research process online.

The term "Blog," is short for "Web log," a specialized site that allows an individual or group of individuals to share a running log of events and personal insights with online audiences. Bloggers tend to be highly-opinionated mavericks and the term "Executive Blogger," almost seems like an oxymoron. When asked if the corporate environment would stifle Mark's creative thought process, Mr. Murphy responded:

"Absolutely not. Mark is a professional and an expert, and he has to be able to call it like he sees it, or the blog loses all its value to the readers. We think he had a fair point when he criticized our failure to properly launch the Luxury Property main site within our projected time frame. Unfortunately that was outside our control due to a poor choice of contractor for the site's construction. We have since moved these operations in-house and will be re-launching this summer."

Mr. Knowles is a long-time blogger with experience both of blogging and real estate. He has written and operated several internationally recognized property blogs. His past experience also includes managing a successful photographic processing laboratory servicing real estate marketer's needs.

His plans for the blog include creating a number of foreign language versions, including a Chinese version of the luxury property blog with guest bloggers from around the world contributing regularly. When interviewed about the becoming the world's first executive blogger, Mark said:

"This job fits very well with my skill set, and is an extremely progressive website with a good grasp of the future, both in the luxury real estate world and the marketing possibilities of Internet Video. I am very happy to be a part of this team and looking forward to taking blogging, and Internet Video Marketing to the next level. With a little luck, I might even be able to cut down on the amount of horrible real estate videos I see posted to YouTube."

When asked about this aspect, Michael D. Murphy said:

"In my opinion, what most internet users enjoy about blogs is their authenticity. If Mark wants to make an example of the poor quality real estate videos on YouTube, we're certainly not going to stop him. If anything, such a practice should serve to raise the standard of online marketing - and that is what our company is all about."

The job description, "Executive blogger," is not widely-used, and only time will tell if this becomes as mainstream as blogging has done recently. Technocrati claim to be tracking over 112 million blogs, not including the estimated 73 million Chinese-language blogs, although the Blog Herald asks "Have we reached such a great amount of blogs that we no longer feel the need to count them?


Mark Knowles is a pro-blogger and has, in the past, written for several other well-known property blogs including the International Property Investment Blog. For quotes, photos and more information, please email.

LUX, based in Denver, CO and Chicago, IL, specializes in the development and operation of a growing network of luxury-themed websites and services: LUXURY PROPERTY, LUXURY SOIREE, LUXURY FILM, and an international network of luxury blogs.

Press Release available here for down load in Printer friendly, PDF and Reader Versions with photographs.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Luxury Real Estate Development News

More developments, more luxury. Although, as usual most of the new developments are coming out of the UAE.

Jumeirah Golf Estates

The idea of a luxury real estate development based around a gold course is not exactly a new one, but in the desert? This one is pretty spectacular though.

Emaar launches "Signature Residences."

The Lakes Golf Community Dubai

Emaar Properties will roll out an exclusive roster of signature residences within its established master-planned communities on May 10, 2008.

The one-day special sale of premium residences within The Lakes, The Views, Downtown Burj Dubai and Dubai Marina will be on a first come, first serve basis with several financial institutions offering easy home finance options.

A green development on the beachfront in Belize

Belize’s First Eco-Friendly Resort Designed Green from the Ground Up Ravenspur Investments Inc. today unveiled plans for Palmetto Bay Resort at Maya Beach, a secluded tropical hideaway in Southern Belize situated on 16-miles of white sand beaches and complemented by stunning scenery of the Maya Mountains.
Another Development from Emaar - "The Address" A five star Luxury Hotel Brand.

Emaar Hospitality, the hospitality & leisure business subsidiary of Emaar Properties PJSC, has revealed plans to launch and operate its own five star premium global brand of world-class hotels and resorts under the brand name, The Address Hotels & Resorts. Set to redefine the hospitality experience, Emaar’s global hotel brand will roll out later this year with the opening of The Address flagship hotels in Downtown Burj Dubai and another property in Dubai Marina.

Two more Skyscrapers launched in Abu Dhabi

Hydra properties, a UAE real estate developer, today announced the launch of two new projects - Hydra Avenue Towers and Hydra 55 Towers.
A Chinese blog even picked up on the latest development in London. Cornwall Terrace Mews. I have no idea what they are saying, but they seem to like it.



“Oakmayne Bespoke”即将在伦敦推出最奢华的房产(见上图)- 6 座大使馆风格的双面居所,另外还有三套房产位于伦敦摄政公园 Cornwall Terrace Mews 20-21 号。我拿不准应该使用住家还是住房。就叫居所吧。