Sunday, 24 August 2008

Promoting your website

This is a guide to making your website or blog work. Just writing away without doing any promotion at all will fail. Much as I hate to say it, you need to do some promotion or you will fail. Which sux ! But that is the wya it is so here are a few ideas and suggestions.

How to get a web page on the front page of google's results.

How I got my hub on google’s front page:

Simple really – No keyword stuffing, no long tail keyword phrase research, no bullshit marketing or paying for links - I simply followed hubpages’ instructions on how to write a flagship hub which are:
Using social networking sites to promote a real estate blog

This is a hot subject in real estate marketing, luxury or otherwise. How to generate traffic to your website by using social networking sites. There appear to be more social networking sites than fleas on a dog......
Using dofollow blogs to create back links.

This blog is now (from today) a dofollow blog, which means all comments left are no longer tagged nofollow which is the default wordpress setup.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Luxury Property markets around the world feeling the pinch

Romania is the latest luxury real estate market to feel the pinch of the credit crisis with a number of large developers being forced to cancel projects before breaking ground. Romania luxury real estate.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Designer Purses - New and Interesting Models

Kate Spade Belle Heaven MalvaKatespade-Belleheavenmalva

If you like orange leather - this is the one for you.

Devi Kroell Wooden Clutch

Crystal embedded wooden purses? Who would have thought they could be so sexy?

Fendi Paillette Spy Bag

Nearly $5,000 buys you this hideous or gorgeous bag - depending on your persepctive. The price stays the same though :)

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Most Expensive Homes around the World

The most expensive real estate in the world always gets some attention and here are some interesting snippets from the luxury real estate world.

The most expensive house in France failed to sell.

La Leopolda

Mukesh Ambani's monstrosity in Mumbai is still under construction.

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London continues to set ridiculous prices for property. The most expensive basement apartment in the world.

King Street

It is nice, but $32 million? Insane.

Singapore's most expensive home
is being fought over in court.

Arwaa Mansion in Singapore

And the most expensive golf course in Scotland is up for sale.

And one of the most expensive luxury homes in Chicago has just been completed and offered for sale.

Luxury Home for Sale in Chicago