Wednesday, 5 May 2010

5 Steps To Finding Your First Investment Property

Making your first property investment can be a very nervous time for just about everyone involved, and usually those people closest to you as well. Putting this amount of money on the line for something that you hope will pay off in the end is incredibly risky, but with risk comes great rewards. Here are some ways that you can ensure you set yourself up to win in the property investment game.

Step 1: Look into your local areas before you start scouting into foreign property investments. While the markets outside of the United States may look good on paper, unless you have a strong representation of the area itself, you are literally buying blind. To avoid this, and make sure that the property you purchase can be resold, you’ll want to begin in areas that you are completely familiar with.

Step 2: Make sure that you have adequate financing lined up, and that you know how much you are able to spend without cutting into your potential profits. Investing in properties is all about the returns on your money, and increasing the profit margins. Going over your budget, or wasting too much time trying to line up financing could cost you to lose the house of your dreams, and end up end debt rather than enjoying the riches.

Step 3: Choose a home that is near schools, and shopping centers. These types of establishments are constantly growing and changing, which means that you will have a much easier time selling your home, rather than waiting for the markets to turn in your favor. Shopping centers and schools provide excellent growth opportunities, and even better potential investments.

Step 4: Look for signs that the area is currently growing. A lot of new cars, students walking around in new clothes, carrying cell phones and other gadgets, as well as new commercial construction are all signs that the area you’re in is currently experiencing growth. Selling your home in these markets will be substantially easier, because people are already spending their money.

Step 5: Avoid buying on the high end of homes at all costs. While it does look good on paper, buying the most expensive home in the neighborhood and putting a low amount of money into it in order to resell the property, it just doesn’t happen that often. What you’re going to actually want to do, is look for the houses that are on the lower end, and compare them to the prices that the high end properties are selling for.

This will give you a base judgment of how profitable the area is. If there is a large gap in price between the houses that you are looking to purchase, and the houses on the higher end of the market, you stand to earn a lot of money from a successful flip. Entering into property investment is a great idea if you are wanting to set yourself up for retirement, however, it can be very difficult and confusing at times. Thankfully, international property investment is able to help clear the fog, and get you onto purchasing your first property while staying relaxed!

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